Innovation ethics

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What does your Roomba have to do with your child's development?
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Technologie für Kinder und Jugendliche (Technology ethics in the context of child and youth development) EN Version to follow
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Hijacked Minds? Towards ethically responsible UX
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Ethics of Transitions
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Trust in Innovation
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Digital Contact Tracing and Trustworthiness: What Building Trust Means

Peer-reviewed, academic

ETHOS Journal of the society for psychological anthropology 2019
Youths’ Individual Pathways Towards Contextual Well-Being: Utilizing Electrodermal Activity as an Ethnographic Tool...
Micro Temporal arc in action.jpg
Afterschool Matters 2018
The Micro Temporal Arc: A Practical Planning Tool for Afterschool Student Engagement
NEOS: A Publication of the Anthropology of Child and Youth Interest Group 2018
Childhood and Empathy “Training”: After-School Programs’ Contribution
ETHOS Journal of the society for psychological anthropology 2016
A guild culture of ‘casual raiding’ enhances its members’ online gaming experiences: A cognitive anthropological and ethnographic approach to World of Warcraft
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Journal of Sociolinguistics 2017
Gender, electrodermal activity, and videogames: Adding a psychophysiological dimension to sociolinguistic methods
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ethix Blog Post 2020
Titanic on repeat: Lessons from the pandemic and a sunken ship
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ethix Innovation Brief 2019
Tracking Technologies
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