Project | 01
Project | Choose Your Own Future
Project Lead
​Developed for ethix - Lab for Innovation Ethics

A set of workshop tools for youth, parents or educators to constructively think about how even seemingly banal technology can create new "versions" of everyday activities.

Subsequently a Sci-Fi approach leads participants into a creative "anticipation" of future outcomes, which rests upon activities' fundamental impact on developmental pathways.

Project | 02
Project | Ecocultural approaches for understanding technological impacts on child development
Project Co- Lead
Co-leads: Kathryn Hale and Thomas Weisner

Developing a theoretical bridge between innovative technologies and child development based on ecocultural parameters. This means that the introduction of technologies is treated as an inherent social/communal choice that alters the activities which shape developmental pathways.

Project | 03
Project | Future Lab "Zukunftslabor"
Project Co-Lead
Dec. 6th, 2019
Developed with ethix - Lab for Innovation Ethics
for Pro Helvetia I&G

Utopia or Dystopia? At ethix, we developed short scenarios of how up-and-coming tech can go right or wrong. These were used as part of short public workshops at the Pro Helvetia welcome open house.

Project | 04
Project | EX Ethical UX Design Label
Project Lead
Developed with ethix - Lab for Innovation Ethics

ethix's free version of EX (Ethical Experience) UX Design Label resources will be available shortly. While the full label gets you contact time with ethix team members and a product audit, you can make use of our workshop ideas during your design process!

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 21.34.55.png
Project | 05
Ethnographic Research and Teaching Lab "Virtual Worlds"
Co-Lead and Team Member
Director: Jeffrey Snodgrass at CSU

Collaborative ethnographic research for hands-on learning surrounding World of Warcraft gaming and user well-being who participate in guild life in game. Participant observations and interview data were analyzed and resulted in two publications during my participation.

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