All hands on deck!

When it comes to child and youth development, pedagogy and engagement, I have a hands-on philosophy paired with a flexible approach. I invite learners of all ages to provide their own inputs as we jointly construct project-based learning environments that engage, increase satisfaction, and promote persistent and innovative learners. My focus on constructing successful activities that are part of developmental pathways.

  • Like when I facilitated a group of pre-teens in the making of their very own original movie complete with original script writing, music compositions, costume sewing, acting, video editing... and of course the red-carpet premier!

  • Or a short stop-motion film where students converted a story, collaborated with a professional pianist, and produced all the visuals (watch the video to see!).

  • Or that time that the students and I created a "classroom to call our own" in a gym.

I favor learning that is embedded in explorations of the physical world and meaningful activities. I focus on creating spaces of inclusion in which children and youth experience a sense of belonging and community through which they can fully experience self-realization to build their own self-confidence and -esteem. All while soaking up important knowledge, social- and life-skills and new creative abilities.

As much as possible, these same philosophies, albeit transformed, follow me into teaching college courses and developing workshops for teachers and public audiences.

Self-made stop motion based on the story "The Plumps" we covered. Students worked with a professional muscian, made all visuals and captured the frames.

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